Friday, 29 November 2013

Sparkly star for your Christmas tree.

Hi Friends,

To make this cheap and easy sparkly star for your Christmas tree:

Use a cookie cutter to trace the star (or any desired shape) onto thick card from a food box, and cut out. If you want a thicker effect, paste a couple of shapes together.
From old sheet music, or old book pages cut two slightly bigger shapes, enough to cover the card, and glue to the back and front.
For the glue, use half water and half white glue.
You can download the sheet music from here or here.
Use a brush to apply a thin layer of the glue mix over the top surface of the star. When still wet, add a bit of glitter.
Embellish with a tiny rag flower and a string bow.
Paste a piece of string, or a jump ring at the top to hang.

Now isn't that pretty?


Till next time, happy tinkering!