Thursday, 7 November 2013

7 Tutorials for Silver Spoon and Fork Jewellery.

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Sterling silver fork and spoon jewellery are beautiful, timeless pieces. I read that sterling silver cutlery jewellery have originated from England, and have been around since the 1600's. As a teen in the 1970's, I admired my aunt's beautiful silver spoon ring. In recent years, this type of jewellery has become quite trendy. I notice them popping up more and more at craft's fairs and on line shops. 

There are many tutorials around, and if you have a few tools, these are quite easy to make. There are still a lot of silver cutlery for sale at antique shops, craft's markets and antique fairs. 

7 Tutorials for Silver Spoon and Fork Jewellery.

 Spoon ring tutorial and video.
Spoon ring tutorial and video.

Spoon pendant tutorial video

Silver spoon ring instructions.

Sterling silver spoon sing.

Sterling silver spoon ring.

Spoon collage pendants.

Fork bracelet.

7 Silver Spoon and Fork Jewellery pieces for inspiration.

Bracelet by Turtle and Seashells.

 Bracelet by Silver Artistry.

Bracelets on Tumblr.

Necklace by Simplysilverr.

Spoon rings by Kirsten Erickson.

Spoon collage by Gingersnap.

Fork bracelet by Country Garden.

Next time when I visit a fair, I will keep an eye out for silverware that I can use. 

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