Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Three Angels for Christmas

Hi Tinkerers, 

I am still following the Christmas theme. I found these beautiful Angels that inspired me to go out and buy the supplies to make them. 

Two of these babies comes with patterns, and the third one is so beautiful, that I placed her anyway.

Fabric Angel: by Dutch Blue.

This Angel is so beautiful, that she must not only be kept as a Christmas ornament. She must be treasured all year round. This will make a cool gift for a secret friend at church.

Fabric/Felt Angel: by annacrafts. 

This pretty baby can be made with felt, or can be made as an applique. On this site is a pattern plus some other gorgeous Angels with patterns.

Felt/Fabric Angel: by SnowFish on etsy.com.

There is no pattern, but she is so beautiful that I placed her for inspiration.

I hope that you enjoy these darlings as much as I do.

Until next time, happy tinkering.

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