Friday, 11 October 2013

A Christmas theme part one

A Christmas theme, part one.
I notice that some of our shops are already starting to display their Christmas themes. This is a wake-up call for me that prompted for action.
Our Christmas “tree” has shrunk every year for the past ten years, and the sorry specimen is now about 30 centimeters tall. I always justified the lack of Christmas spirit in my house by saying that the kids are out of the house, so why bother. Things must now drastically change, since we now have a fourteen month old grandson to impress.
The old tree and store bought ornaments accumulated over the years will have to go. I am already browsing the net for handmade ornaments and gifts.
I came across these beautiful wire angels on

The tutorial for the next adorable items I found on

I have quite a large stash of beads and wire in my cupboard that will come in handy.
I will certainly share my finished products with you.

Till next time, keep on creating.