Friday, 3 January 2014

20 Clothes peg learning activities and art projects for kids.

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This post is specially for the moms with little ones starting out in Big School, who want to encourage learning of the basics. Here is a selection of 10 learning games you can create using clothes pegs, and 10 clothes peg art activities you can keep them busy with.

Bug word clips by Creating and teaching.

Word and letter recognition. Match the letters to the word, specifying small or capital letters.

More word and letter recognition via Pinterest.  

Match the peg letters to spell the word on the stick.

Number wheel via Pinterest.

Match the number on the peg to the number of dots on the wheel.

Colour matching game by Katherine Marie.

Match the colour of the peg to the colour of the card.

Maths and fine motor skills via Pinterest.

Letter matching game by 1plus1plus1equals1.

Find the small letter on the card.

Alphabet peg dolls for starters by No time for flash cards.

Lots of scope for playing letter games or practising words with these alphabet people.

Counting dinosaur game by Glued to my crafts.

Match the number of stars on the picture with same number of  pegs on the dinosaur's back.

What day of the week is it? via The cottage

Colour wheel by Engaging toddler activities.

Match the colour peg to the colour on the wheel.

Clothespin planter by Family Chick.

Gift idea to make themselves.

Cotton ball and peg fairies by

For the girls.

Queen's guard peg dolls by The Crafty Crow.

For the boys.

Mermaids by

A little girl's fantasy.

Animal Magnets by

Let them get inspired by their colouring books.

Monster bites hangers by Mr Printables.

For their rooms.

Magnetic aeroplane clip by

A little boy's fantasy.

Ant pins by


Giraffe by

Cool giraffe!

Bunnies by Brittanys best.

Easter project?

I hope that you found this post useful. I would love to hear from you.

Till next time, happy tinkering!